Monday, March 5, 2012


Hi! Welcome to my blog! I'm Candace Covert and my blog is going to be about everything involving music. I currently attend Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida for Music Business. Music is my absolute favorite thing in the world and has had a huge part of my entire life. I love to go to concerts and be a part of live music. This blog will share information on new and old music and artists within many different genres. Artists from Demi Lovato to One Direction to Tickle Me Pink and everyone in-between will be covered throughout this blog. I plan to update the blog as often as possible with interesting details on your favorite artists. Along with fun facts, I will be sharing tour dates, album release dates, and other important information that fans of any artist will want to know. Just think of this blog as a huge fan site for fans of anything involving music. If anyone has any questions or information you'd like for me to share with others just let me know and I'll be sure to respond promptly! I hope you enjoy my blog and will return for more posts!

Thanks so much!